Welcome to Kitechix

Since 2002 Windtown organizes the Kitechix Eventsfor ladies to have fun together in kitesurfing. Some 'chicks' have been joining our events for several times, they keep on coming back and they rip!
In addition we teach lots of newcomers the basics of our fantastic sport. You can learn a lot on one event and being together with the other girls creates an excellent and relaxed atmosphere.

10 years Kitechix!

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Please send us an email to kitechix@windtown.nl with the following details:

1. Event
2. First name
3. Last name
4. Date of Birth
5. Address
6. Telephone number
7. Telephone number relative that stays at home
8. Wishes in relation to accommodation, kitesurf lessons/rentals, transfers, etc.
9. Your kitesurf level